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To ensure a sustainable, resilient, and fair future, we must tackle numerous challenges and take swift, global action. At SPIRIT, we're committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and always consider how our actions can benefit everyone's future.

We humbly present some examples on how we address the SDGs:

Quality education should be available for everyone. We always respect to contribute to educational projects nationally and internationally. Though with our by the light produced by the SPIRIT columns, the day is extended. In this way, each person can have a safer walk to school in the evening.

Illumination increases social security. Thus, lighting makes it possible also for women to find their way to the community centre in order to participate in social activities or educational programs.

SPIRIT columns have an extra advantage in regions where the electrification infrastructure is unreliable or poor. These regions have in many cases also challenges in creating economic development. We accept this challenge and are open to discuss work and growth locally.

SPIRIT provides a smart city solution for lighting, independently from the electrification network. By not connecting public lighting on the centralized electricity network, network congestion in the early mornings and early evenings is reduced.

SPIRIT creates products that have a long lifetime. In that way, we make sure all material which is used, is spend well. If elements need to be replaced (e.g. solar panels or batteries), the waste generation is reduced or recycling of waste is advised. All elements can be disassembled to make recycling as simple as possible.

We only produce light, though have the intention to offer much more. Solar lighting gives sovereignty to the people. It relies on nature, instead of a network with organisational authorities. We believe we have the responsibility to make cities and human settlements more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.