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Our Smart City solutions
for a Smart City vision

Smart cities utilize innovative technologies to optimize infrastructure, improve public services, and enhance quality of life, focusing on sustainability, connectivity, and efficient resource management.
Though all based on having energy. We have a vision: going off-grid.

Smart Cities, more energy

Urban environments are becoming more and more technologically advanced. It seems needless to mention that all technology monitoring, logging and communicating need an energy source. Centralized grid connections are (or were?) the most obvious choice to electrify. Though the centralized energy network squeaks and creaks under heavy load of demand and sustainable energy supply, with cut-offs or black-outs as a result. Network congestion will be one of the largest Smart City’s challenges to unravel. Luckily, many pioneer technologies and R&D-programs are equipped to solve these problems by management systems.


Off-grid solutions

But what if, at this moment, we can bypass this challenge? What if the energy that you need is not significant, though the reliability that there is an energy source is. What if this could decrease your organizational challenges (for instance decreasing the paperwork or even eliminate the lead times in order to connect to the central electricity grid)? In these cases, an independent solar energy system could be supportive or even the solution.

More Smart city solutions

Solar lighting columns are one example of off-grid, stand-alone energy systems that use renewable energy to charge an energy carrier (battery) to use the energy when needed (in times there is less sun for example, during the night or cloudy days).

Other Smart City products are available. Get in touch with us to challenge our team to design a solution for your market.